What is a Buyer Consultation and Why do you need one?


Getting a buyer consultation is a great introduction to the buying process for many first time home buyers. A consultation with a good real estate agent provides an opportunity for a buyer to get educated about the steps they need to take to get ready for such a major purchase. In addition, a real estate agent can provide information on the market overall, and the local market you are interested in.

Before beginning the search for a home, buyers must have their finances, credit and debit in good standing and must also get pre-approved by a loan officer. A real estate agent can serve as a guide to getting to that first step of pre-approval. During the pre-approval process a lender will determine how much it is willing to loan you to purchase a home and how much you can afford.

Some agents work closely with a mortgage specialist and the initial consultation can be done simultaneously. Lenders can also provide information on the various loan programs available to home buyers. for example, there are conventional loans, government-insured loans, FHA and more.

Your buyer agent can serve as a valuable resource. A buyer consultation can also allow you to determine who is the right agent for you. Working with an agent that will provide you details, general knowledge and expertise will not only make purchasing a home a smooth process, it can be an enjoyable experience.